Dish Soap and Hot Water Can Help With That Clogged Toilet 

Here at Combat Plumbing, we’re all for giving homeowners the knowledge they need to really take care of the systems in their home, no matter how weird our advice may seem.

In particular, we’re fascinated by the idea that you can take a common household product and put it to fresh use somewhere you would never expect. For instance, did you know that mayonnaise can help get rid of water damage? That cola might just help clean your garbage disposal? That a little bit of petroleum jelly can supercharge your plunger?

Well, we’re back with another idea that’s crazy enough to work – and it may just help you get rid of that toilet clog without ever having to set a hand on a plunger. As it turns out, a little bit of liquid dish soap and hot water be just what you need to make a particularly stubborn blockage go down easy.

Here’s how it works…

Getting Rid of a Clog With Dish Soap

To deal with that brutal blockage, simply take that liquid dish soap and add a healthy amount – about a half a cup to one cup – to your toilet bowl. Let the soap for settle for 20 to 30 minutes; during this time, the soap’s density will cause it to sink to the bottom of your toilet bowl and toward the blockage, which it will help lubricate, making the obstruction easier to dislodge.

While you’re waiting, warm up a few cups of water using your stove top or microwave, removing the liquid when it is quite hot, but before it begins to boil. Using extreme caution to avoid any spills and burns, take this hot water to the bathroom and carefully pour it into the toilet. If the toilet is too backed up to accommodate any more liquid, try using your plunger before you add the hot water, as this may allow some of the water to go down (with the aid of that soap, you may even be able to get rid of the blockage completely at this point).

Once you’ve added the warm water to the dish soap, wait a few minutes longer; the heat from this water will help break up the clog, and you may simply see it disappear down the drain.

If it doesn’t, break out that plunger and, using proper technique, attempt to plunge away the clog again. You may find it much easier to get rid of the blockage than it was a few minutes ago!

And we’re not alone in finding that this technique works for DIY plumbers in a pinch – it also comes recommended from SF Gate, Lifehacker, and TipHero.

Of course, no matter how much praise a DIY hack may get, there’s no substitute for the care and attention of a professional plumber. If your clog doesn’t seem to be going down, no matter what you try, don’t hesitate to reach out the pros at Combat Plumbing; we have the tools and experience necessary to help take care of even your worst plumbing disaster.

Have any questions or concerns? Want to talk about what works and what doesn’t in DIY plumbing? Looking for service today? Our team is here and ready to help; drop us a line to get started!

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