Avoid These 5 Plumbing Headaches with Combat

Though you may think most plumbing disasters occur during the winter, summertime presents a host of unique plumbing issues.

With more guests coming in and out of the house, your system will be under a significant amount of stress. Check out these common summer plumbing problems and what you can do about them!
Plumbing leak in kitchen.

Clogged Disposal

With the grill fired up and your guests happily fed, it looks like you have officially pulled off a successful cookout! However, when it’s all said and done, you’ll be responsible for cleaning up the leftovers. 

Though it may be tempting to send everything down the garbage disposal, not everything can go down the disposal. Do not attempt to grind cooking oils, animal bones, fruit pits or fibrous vegetables, as they could cause a breakdown. If your disposal does stop working, contact a professional for replacement or repairs, depending on the source of the damage. 


Sprinkler Issues

During the summertime, you want to make sure your lawn is healthy and at its best. Be sure to only mow your lawn when you sprinklers are shut off and heads are underground so you don’t accidentally damage your system. Additionally, you’ll want to inspect your sprinkler system for any cracks or leaks that may result in water loss. Leaks not only waste water but will also make your next bill skyrocket! 

Drainage Problems

Due to Red Oak’s high water table, flooding is a fairly common occurrence. If a backup does occur, contact a professional to drain the water out. Additionally, you can avoid future drainage problems by installing a sump pump in your basement.   

Clogged Toilets

During the summertime, kids are out of school which means extended family is able to visit more frequently, increasing the chance of toilet troubles. While a simple plunging may do the job, sometimes it takes a professional plumberto break up the clog and clear the pipe. Be sure to educate your children on what can and cannot be flushed to avoid clogs.

Washing Machine Maintenance

The summer season means a lot more time spent outdoors, which leads to dirtier clothes that need to be washed more often. Your washing machine may not be able to handle the added stress, and has an increased chance of breaking down. If you suspect it is under stress, stay home while it is running so you can quickly contact a professional if a breakdown does occur.

If you are experiencing any of these common summer plumbing problems, give us a call at any of our three locations. Our licensed plumbers are ready to help and can usually solve your problem on the same day you call!

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