Combat Plumbing is a veteran owned and operated company. We have over 40+ years of plumbing experience spanning from residential repairs to commercial high rises. Combat Plumbing stands ready to combat any plumbing problems you may have. We aim to please!

Veteran Owned and Operated by a Local Family Business


Earnest Anderson

Earnest Anderson was born and raised in Dallas, TX. When he was a teenager he would always go and help his dad out doing plumbing and get paid $2.00Hr. Even though now $2.00Hr is nothing Earnest was the richest kid in the neighborhood. After working about a year with his father he had went and worked in the plumbing field with many other plumbing companies until he found one company he liked. Stinson Plumbing would be where he would spend his next 28 years. While working for Stinson Plumbing Earnest in 1978 got his journeyman's plumbing license and a few years later at the age of 22 would get master plumbing license. He worked with Stinson Plumbing up until 1993 where he would become an entrepreneur and Opened up Anderson Plumbing in Red Oak, TX. After about 5 years of great business Earnest and his wife became divorced and the business closed their doors. In late 1998 Earnest went back to Stinsom Plumbing where he would stay until Stinson Plumbing would Close their doors in 2013. After being layed off he would work a few odd and end jobs to make ends meet until October 2015. On October 7, 2015 Earnest would become a business owner to Combat Plumbing a veteran owned and operated Business.

Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson is the son of Earnest and Elizabeth Anderson. He was born in Duncanville, TX In 1988. Evan grew up in Red Oak, TX just south of the Dallas metroplex. Growing up (like his father did) Evan would go out at 9 years old and hop on Earnests' Backhoe and dig holes and cover them up one after another. That's when Evan knew he would be in the construction field. In the ninth grade Evan quit School and got his GED in 2005. He would also work for Stinson Plumbing for about 8 months after leaving school. Evan was only 16 years old when he got his GED so he went to college and worked as a cart pusher for the Wal-Mart Corporation. When he reached the age of 18 and still working at Wal-Mart he realized that the job he was at didn't have a very good future as far as a career so he joined the United States Army in November of 2007. When he joined the army he would become a chinook helicopter maintainer/crew chief. Evan did one 12 month tour in Afghanistan with 1CAV out of Fort Hood, Texas. After returning from Afghanistan in 2012 and recovering he got called down to the docs office one day in January of 2013 and was told that he had Kidney Disease. After about a year of medical treatment the army found him unfit to continue duty and medically retired Sargent Anderson. After 6 1/2 years of honorable service Evan had lost his career. When he got out in 2014 he went to school again for diesel technology and graduated in may 2015. While in school he worked for well known Holt caterpillar in Irving, Texas rebuilding frac engines for the oil field. After leaving there in September of 2015 to go back overseas to continue working on chinooks his medical screen was failed due to his kidney disease. Unemployed in October of 2015 and his father layed off they would join efforts and start Combat Plumbing a veteran owned and operated business!

ATMOS Energy Authorized Dealer

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