It Could Be as Simple as a Clogged Drain

You might know the most common causes for burst pipes, such as freezing, expanding water and high water pressure.

Helpful Insider Tips From Combat

When rainy days hit in the Red Oak area there’s nothing like knowing your flood-prone basement or crawlspace will stay dry.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Many people are most worried about their home’s heating and cooling systems during the Summer or Winter seasons, when they find themselves using them the most.

When & How Should You Replace Your Toilet Wax Ring?

The wax seal at the base of your toilet serves a very important job.

How to Identify, Prevent & Remove Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Concerned about roots in your sewer line? If you are, you’re right to be worried.

Why is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

If you’ve walked across your kitchen recently and asked yourself, “Why is my refrigerator leaking water?,” it probably hasn’t been a very good day! A puddle underneath your refrigerator can be distressing.

The Angie’s List Plumbing Investigation & What It Means For You

Earlier this summer, in June, NBC 5 Investigateslooked into a worrying trend that had cropped up in the Red Oak Angie’s List, specifically pertaining to those plumbing contractors who had set up offers on the website without a plumbing license for the city.

What You Need to Know About Lead in Red Oak’s Water

With the news these past few months about Red Oak’s city water having high lead concentrations, we at Combat wanted to get the facts straight about what the dangers currently are and what can be done to lessen any health risks as a Red Oak citizen.

What is Causing the Brown Water Coming From Your Tap?

There’s one main culprit behind the brownish hue you might have noticed when you turned on your tap: rust.

Tips To Repair Water Flow Issues & Dishwasher Leaks

A dishwasher leak or water issue can become a major inconvenience for your household.


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