3 Signals That Point To Iminent Plumbing Line Replacement

Even though a good indicator of when to replace your home’s plumbing lines is the age of them, there are a few other accurate ways to tell that you’ve gotten everything you can out of them.

Being aware of the signs that you need your plumbing lines replaced is vital in ensuring you avoid plumbing disasters and costly repair bills.

Here are three surefire signs that you need to replace your plumbing lines that have nothing to do with how old they are:

Look out for these signs that indicate you need to replace your plumbing lines.

Your Water Has A Bad/Odd Odor

If you ever begin to notice that your water has a weird smell, this is definitely not normal and could mean you need to replace your plumbing lines. Depending on the material your pipes are made of, reasons for these out of the ordinary smells could range from an accumulation of bacteria to rust in your pipes. The thing to remember is that if your water smells rotten, that’s far from a good sign.

Look out for these signs that indicate you need to replace your plumbing lines.

Your Water Is Discolored

If your water has become discolored in any way, this would warrant some concern about the health of your plumbing lines. Especially if there’s a brownish hue to your home’s water—that could indicate pipe corrosion. Not only would this water be unhealthy for your daily use, some other side effects could arise, such as clogs or even worse, burst pipes. You should definitely call a professional if you notice your water is no longer clear.

There Are Signs of Mold or Water Damage

This could be the beginning of that disastrous and damaging plumbing event you’re trying to avoid. If you see water marks on the ceiling or walls surrounding your plumbing lines, it’s a signal that they need replacing. If a water leak has gotten to the point where mold is growing, this is an even more urgent sign that your plumbing lines have reached the point of no return. Any signs of mold and water damage point to a big problem brewing beneath the surface and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you’re experiencing any one of these signs, it’s more than likely time to replace your plumbing lines. While it can be a big undertaking, it is ultimately the healthiest and safest option for you and your family.

Don’t ignore the signs of plumbing problems. Get professional assistance from Combat! Give us a call at (773) 724-9272 and we’ll complete a full inspection and help you get your peace of mind back!

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