Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Dallas Texas

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Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Dallas TexasNobody likes having an out-of-service toilet in their home. Whether it’s caused by improper installations or mechanical issues that happen over time, a malfunctioning toilet is most homeowners nightmare. While some people may attempt a DIY approach, this is never the best solution as further damage can be caused. If you’re in Dallas, TX or thesurrounding areas, call on Combat Plumbing for fast and friendly installation and repair services!

What Are Common Issues that Cause Toilet Damage?

There are many issues that can plague your toilet including phantom flushes, water leaks, clogs, and in worse instances, toilet overflows. All of these issues stem from various conditions including faulty seals, plumbing clogs, and wear and tear. A phantom flush for example is when toilets cut on and off by themselves. Clogs can be caused by excessive toilet paper being flushed down the toilet. When one of these situations occurs however the need for repair or replacement services is inevitable.

When Are Toilet Repairs Needed?

In certain instances, a simple toilet fix is all you may need. It may just be a bad flush valve, tripped flapper, worn out wax gasket or broken flange, all of which can be replaced fairly easily. Because many of these issues are simple, they can be remedied with repair services. Our expert staff can remedy these issues efficiently and professionally with little to no down time for your homes toilet. If you see that any of the above symptoms are applicable to your toilet, give our professional staff a call and we will assist you today!

When Does a Toilet Need to be Replaced?

Toilet repairs may provide a good temporary fix to any problem, but for older model toilets, replacement is perhaps the best option. Newer model toilets not only meet the new standard requirements for water use, but can also be financially beneficial and more environmentally friendly as well. Additionally, adding a new toilet to your home can add value to your home. At Combat Plumbing we specialize in replacing toilets and installing new model toilets. Before attempting to remedy these issues yourself, trust in the expert services provided by our experienced technicians.

How Can Combat Plumbing Help With Toilet Repairs and Replacements?

The installation and repair of your homes toilet can be a challenging thing. If installed incorrectly you can create a substantial financial burden. Additionally ignoring repairs can cause a higher than usual bill and damage to your home. Call Combat Plumbing today to schedule an appointment and get a free consultation. Don’t put up with a damaged toilet, get help today!

So if you are in need of assistance with your inoperable or problematic home toilet, our toilet techs at Combat Plumbing would be more than happy to take a look at your commode and provide you with service options and a FREE ESTIMATE to get your toilet back up and working in no time!

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Is your Dallas, TX home ready for toilet repairs or replacements? Call Combat Plumbing at (972) 617-7171 for immediate attention today!

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